Here at Habibi's Wool and Wood there are human hands that make and operate this little business. You can talk to humans rather than receiving automated responses, making you feel rest assured that you are in good hands.   

We strive to bring you high quality handmade products made from our very own hands as well as from those of local makers and from around the world. We sell products that are made from sustainable materials making them friendly for the environment and us. Our cosmetic products are natural and organic, vegan friendly and NOT tested on animals.

We use as much reclaimed materials as possible when making many of our products, such as beautiful scaffolding boards to make rustic coffee tables and coat racks. We love to reuse and up-cycle as much as possible rather than it ending up in landfill where there is so much waste already. 

If you don't see exactly what you're looking for then why not have it made to order? Here at Habibi's Wool and Wood we offer services such as furniture painting, Up-Cycling/restorations and for Bespoke orders (if you have something in mind send us an email via the link below).


Feel free to have a browse by clicking on the links below to see our portfolio of previous works. There may even be some items available to purchase.